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Help! I Can’t Get My Teen to Do Homework!

Are you exasperated from the daily battle of trying to get your teen to do homework? Do you wonder why they tell you night after night that they don’t have any homework? Do you feel left in the dark? If so, here are some things to try: Phone or email all of your child’s teachers to get the full story…. read more

The Ultimate Math Homework Strategy

A math textbook is broken into chapters and each chapter into sections. Each section is a different topic within the chapter. For example, suppose Chapter 1 is Lines. Then Section 1.1 might be The Equation of a Line in Slope-Intercept Form, and then Section 1.2 might be The Equation of a Line in Point-Slope Form, and Section 1.5 might be… read more

The Amazing Benefits of Paying Attention during Math Class

Okay, I admit it. Listening to and trying to understand a math lesson usually isn’t as fun as daydreaming about the weekend or talking to a friend in class. But sometimes if you try hard at something that is hard or is not especially fun, it will pay off later. In math, this means that if you really listen and… read more

What Do You Mean We Should Read our Notes?

As a teacher, I can tell you that the majority of students who take notes in class never look at them again. Let me guess… this is you! Well guess what? Notes actually serve a purpose. They are a study tool for you to help you do homework and study for tests. Believe it or not, they are actually there… read more

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