The Amazing Benefits of Paying Attention during Math Class

Okay, I admit it. Listening to and trying to understand a math lesson usually isn’t as fun as daydreaming about the weekend or talking to a friend in class. But sometimes if you try hard at something that is hard or is not especially fun, it will pay off later. In math, this means that if you really listen and try to get involved in the lesson, it is more likely that you will understand it. This will make the homework easier. And if you understand the homework you will feel so proud of yourself! And you may even have some extra time leftover to study for an upcoming quiz or test.

The great thing is that you don’t have to go home and look at your homework and have no idea how to do it. Students sometimes forget that the teacher is actually trying to teach them. The student will “check out” during class and then go home and be completely lost. Math is not meant to be self-taught! Remember: being able to go to class and have a teacher explain things to you is a gift; the whole point of the lessons is to help you learn. So listen, try to follow, and ask as many questions as you need to!

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