What Do You Mean We Should Read our Notes?

As a teacher, I can tell you that the majority of students who take notes in class never look at them again. Let me guess… this is you! Well guess what? Notes actually serve a purpose. They are a study tool for you to help you do homework and study for tests. Believe it or not, they are actually there to help you.

Teachers often go through examples in the notes that are similar to the more difficult homework questions. This means that if you get stuck on your homework, you can look back at your notes and you will most likely find something that will help you with the problem you are working on. Also, teachers tend to go over questions or topics in the notes that you will see on an upcoming test or quiz. If you read through and understand your notes, and then study them before tests and quizzes you will most likely do much better than if you hadn’t looked at them. And most importantly, reading your notes will remind you of anything you need help with. If you read your notes and don’t understand something you can ask your teacher to clarify. That way you will understand it before the test!

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